What you think and feel depends on what you eat and drink.

The Governing Board of the Alcublas Cooperative believes that everything we think and feel comes straight from what we eat and drink, and for this reason both our health and our energy come from everything we “put into our mouths”. This is the main reason why we have been growing the finest possible fruit since 1954; so that you can enjoy the benefits of a delicious and healthy diet. 


Bring some courage and flavour into your life.

Life puts us through all kinds of joys and adversities every day, and to be able to cope with it all we need energy and courage.


This energy, you can get it from our exquisite extra-virgin olive oil in either strong or mild flavours; so that you can choose the one that best suits your mood or meets your needs at any given time. And also from our young wine, red or white, so that you can select the one which best combines with your gastronomic event. 



We’re improving our high-quality flavours.

Loyalty to our high-quality flavours motivates us to keep improving, from the fruit through to the end products, including the manufacturing process and not forgetting our brand name. Plus we’re always moving closer to you, increasing our distribution and sales outlets through high-street stores and the internet.


You make our difference.

Our products are differentiated in the market thanks to unique people like you: who like eating in a healthy way, highlighting the flavour of the ingredients in their culinary creations and making a good impression on their guests and  themselves and, very especially, people who get the courage to find their balance every day. 





-The President: Mr. Joaquín Salvador Giménez Navarrete

-The Vicepresident: Mr. José Vicente Orrios Bonet

-The Treasurer: Mr. Pedro Joaquín Navarrete Gálvez

-The Secretary: Mr. Francisco Caudet Cabanes

-Board Member 1: Mr. Rafael Agustín Muñiz Mañes

-Board Member 2: Mr. Miguel Gimeno Orero

-Board Member 3: Mr. José Luis Navarrete Alcaide

-Board Member 4: Mr. Antonio Andreu Ponce

-Board Member 5: Mr. José Manuel Comeche Miguel

-Board Member 6: Mr. Joaquín Francisco Navarrete Cabanes

-Board Member 7: Mr. Miguel García Civera




We are more than 500 farmers are battling on, working on a daily basis, with the intention of obtaining the best fruits so that you can access the flavours that we take care of so much.


We are proud of our environment, of selling each year our entire crop  and of being able to boost the local economy with our work.


We appreciate that every day the number of clients and friends of the products of the Alcublana grows, because it means that the wisdom of the older farmers and the innovation of the younger ones keep generating   high level  flavours . 




We harvest in a mountain climate, with the breeze from the sea, but with a low humidity level. The mountains and the dry winds of the north  enhance our crops which grow, bursting with health, so as to offer you the flavours that will delight both your palate and your loved ones'.


Currently, we collect 1 tonne of almonds, 700,000 kilos of grapes (of which 500,000 are white grapes and 200,000 are red tempranillo) and 1 ton of olives.


To produce oil, wine or mistela (a type of sweet wine) we combine our old facilities with modern techniques and current processing methods; such as self-emptying tanks of stainless steel. Currently we have 128 oak casks, which provide a distinctive and special flavour to our wine and mistela.