Almond trees, pine trees and native plants pervade our land and our fruits with an unforgettable aroma. 


The new environment of Alcublas is already being reborn from the ashes of the fire which devastated the entire forest and up to 30% of the crops in 2012. We have taken the courage to cut up the burned trees, to plant the new cultivation ones and to carry on trying to change even the environmental laws for greater protection of our forests and biodiversity.


A new environment of which all the local people are proud of, because it brings new energies both for us and for you. If you want to feel this energy we invite you to try our products and to come to Alcublas at any time of the year but, especially, during the celebrations in honour of our saint patron San Anton (17 January) and also to the summer festivities that are held from 19 to 26 August.