La Palacia de Alcublas 75cl x  6 bottles

La Palacia de Alcublas 75cl x 6 bottles

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Taste this young red wine born in Alcublas with D.O. Valencia

Buy a 6 units box of this young red wine bottled in dark glass. 

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Tasting notes:

An elegant nose with aromas of ripe red fruits, and fresh, well-structured, natural and honest in the mouth.


Grape Variety

Tempranillo grapes 100%.



The grapes start being harvested from late September through mid-October. The wine will macerate in the self-emptying tanks for a few days until it gets the characteristic flavour of La Palacia de Alcublas.



If you want your guests to enjoy your meats or rice dishes or your stews like never before, combine them with this wine previously cooled between 14° and 16 °. You'll notice the difference.