Manzanilla 2l x X bottles

Manzanilla 2l x X bottles

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Indulge yourself or delight your guests with a different oil.

Packaging designed for large consumption

Get a box of x 2l bottles and enjoy. 

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Intense in the mouth, with slight bitter and spicy touches from being harvested right before its exact time. On the nose, the aroma is fresh with the flavour of newly-cut grass, green olives, fresh fruit, herbs, apples and almonds.






Uncooked on a few simple toasts with tomato or in a salad you will appreciate all the connotations of Peña Ramiro Manzanilla oil. If you use in your dishes you will enhance the flavour of each one of its ingredients.


Raw Material:

Olives of the varieties villalonga, sollana, cuquillo and limonenca.



The olive is collected in November without slamming it and without dropping it on the floor.

It is immediately transported to the mill where the olives that will be later crushed in a mill are unloaded, cleaned and removed the leaves from, then they will go into the decanter to eventually extract the best oil by mechanical processes and without applying temperature that could burn their aromas.


“Best Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Comunidad Valenciana” Valencia ‘Mostra’ Trade Fair 2012.