Serrana 500ml x X bottles

Serrana 500ml x X bottles

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Enjoy a gentle caress in your palate with this  low acidity golden olive oil.

Bottled in dark glass which protects the oil from the oxidation produced by sunlight and keeps it in optimum conditions.

Get these 500ml bottles in boxes of x units. 

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Mild-flavoured in the mouth with a very complex fruity aroma in which you can distinguish different notes ranging from a fresh and floral apple touch to a light scent of hay, as well as a fresh and interesting touch of freshly-cut grass.






uncooked or for your stews, meats, fish ... Respect the flavor of the food in both crude oil as dishes made by combining its delicacy with the other aromas and flavors.


Raw Material:

Serrana olive: a very small, elongated and sweet olive.



At the end of November the olive is collected, in its proper time without slamming it and without dropping it on the floor. The olives are taken immediately after they are picked to the mill where they  are unloaded, washed and removed the leaves from. They are crushed in the press, then go to a blender and after this to the decanter. This is where the oil is extracted by mechanical procedures and without applying temperature so that aromas are not burned.